Delivery and returns

Delivery costs for Italy and Europe are based on the landing time:

  • 24 Hours Euro 20
  • 4 Days Euro 10 

Delivery to the States costs depend on the transit time:

  • 24 Hours Euro 30
  • 4 Days Euro 20 

Free shipping costs:

When you reach E. 150.00 on your total purchase order you can join free shipping delivery.


You have 14 days since you received your order to ask for a return. You have right to return your item if you follow the next procedure:

  • You CANNOT substitute any goods with a different size and color unless you have returned the garment. You need to return the item and make a new order.
  • The returned item will be immediately  refunded and the cost of the new purchase order will be debited to your account.
  • Our return policy allow refunds for the returned items only.
  • You can only make one return request.
  • Brunella Gori will be cover shipping costs of the new items if you follow these procedures only.
  • We will not accept returns shipped by a different forwarder which we stated.

Returns lead time

Usually Brunella Gori will accept your return within 15 working days since you received the item. After confirmation of receipt and after checking the item returned Brunella Gori will refund the amounts.
Refund will be visible in 24 hours since our confirmation and further more you will receive a confirmation e mail from PayPal  stating your payment has been refund.