A classic made in a light, luxurious, sustainable fabric



Brunella Gori provides its clients decades of experience in the production of high quality knitwear in every kind of fabric.

We are leader in our sector and we therefore have the responsibility to select the best fabrics and yarns with less environmental impact and less polluting. To achieve this goal, we select company which have brought sustainable themes and environmental consideration, specifically towards the use of dangerous chemical substances in production, to the forefront. Doing this we hope to contribute in reducing the release of polluting agents into the surrounding environment and ensure continually more restrictive use and the presence of chemical substances deemed dangerous to humans and the environmental in the final product.  Also, our products are Mulesing free. Mulesing is a method used by some sheep farmers to prevent them loosing sheep to flystrike. It's an economical way of preventing their sheep from being killed by infections caused by insects. Unfortunately the process of mulesing involves cutting away skin from around a sheep’s back end that would otherwise grow wool. When this wool gets clogged by a sheep’s "business" it attracts the insects that can cause flystrike. At Brunella Gori we don't like the idea of mulesing. There are other, much nicer ways to keep sheep safe from these insects, such as regular shearing around the back. This is more expensive in the long run, but we think it's worth the little extra cost for a much happier sheep. You can rest assured that any merino product from Brunella Gori came from sheep that got a regular clean and trim instead of the cheeper alternative of mulesing.



RECYCLED CACHEMIRE: Our recycled cashmere is made from surplus fibers from the manufacture of virgin cashmere yarn – a resource that would otherwise have been discarded. These waste fibers are of the same premium quality as conventional cashmere, but available only in limited quantities. Our custom-made yarn is produced with a high-twist worsted core, to reduce pilling and guarantee stability and strength, and an outer layer of woollen-spun fibers which gives it its signature softness.


ORGANIC COTTON: Our organic cotton is the most skin-friendly textile, produced and certified to organic agricultural standards. The production is made by natural processes, without any artificial inputs. The fiber is made from original plants that are not genetically modified and that have not been treated with any chemicals like washes, bleaches, colors or scents.


TENCEL: Our tencel is a modern, eco-friendly and sustainable fibre, more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen. It’s also hypoallergenic, reducing the formation of bacteria thanks to its capability to absorbe humidity, leaving the skin free of water. Tencel is specifically indicated for those who suffer from allergies and eczema since the growth of bacteria is limited.


MERINO WOOL: Merino Wool is considered the most functional fiber in nature, being a regenerative raw material. The wool from the sheep is harvested twice a year. Merino Wool does not irritate the skin because we select a fiber definitely much thinner that the standard one.


CASHMERE: Our cashmere fineness, gives the yarn softness, lightness and silkiness. Cashmere is the most noble raw material in the world. Once a year, when the weather is worm, the shepherds delicately remove the soft undercoat of the goats by combining which is totally harmless to the animals. This process is also done in complete respect to the animal and the environment.